It’s The Season Of Gifting : Play Secret Santa This Christmas With Sub

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It’s The Season Of Gifting : Play Secret Santa This Christmas With Sublime House Of Tea!

Dec 21, 2021

Sublime House of Tea

It’s The Season Of Gifting : Play Secret Santa This Christmas With Sublime House Of Tea! - Sublime House of Tea

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way! The whole year kids wait for their dear Santa Claus to bring in their annual gifts and adults wait for their Secret Santa to get them something that will strike a cord with them. If you are playing Secret Santa at work or with your family or friends this Christmas and still aren’t sure what to get your Christmas Child, then we’ve got your back. We understand that finding a gift for someone, especially someone you may or may not know very well can be a daunting task. To keep things simple, healthy and thoughtful (also, within the budget so it doesn’t really burn a hole in your pocket), 

For The Health Conscious One

If your Christmas Child is someone who is conscious about his/her health, then we have the right choice for you! Check out our Green Tea Hyson – the tea for anytime during the day! A perfect brew for all those green tea lovers out there – Green Tea Hyson is low on caffeine and naturally sweet. If you are looking for something that will help you pull through a sluggish day, then this tea is your pick. It aids in increasing metabolism and also helps calm menstrual cramps. It is a great replacement to your unhealthy mid-day snacks. Order now on our website!

For The One Who Loves To Bake

If you’ve got someone or want to give something special to someone who loves to bake, then the perfect gift, especially under INR 500 is our Cinnamon Powder. Our cinnamon powder is a grounded blend of the ethically sourced cinnamon from local producers across the country. Cinnamon Powder contains no added sweeteners and no preservatives. It is dairy-free, vegan friendly and is best stored in cool and dry kitchen conditions.

For The Perfect Tea Lover

Nothing strikes a cord better than Masala Chai, be it winters, monsoons, summers or spring! If you know someone special who loves Masala Chai more than anything else in the world, then there’s no better gift than our tin of Masala Chai tea blend. Blended carefully with finest spices like cardamom, ginger and cinnamon, this blend is every tea lover’s delight. Every Indian’s one true love and a magic potion that fills your heart with nostalgia and mom’s magic, Masala Chai is not just some tea but rather an emotion on which a nation runs. With every sip of our authentic masala chai, they’ll not only feel closer to home but also enjoy all the benefits it has to offer.

For The Sweet Ones In Your Life

We all have that one friend or colleague who is always sweet and nice to everyone, right? If you are looking to give something to them this Christmas, then get your hands on our Berry Honey which is perfect for the season of joy! The berry note is so good that this honey is a must have in your kitchen. Crafted by the Apis Dorsata species of bees, Berry honey gets its name due to the wild berries and flowers that are a favorite of this bee species. It is perfectly balanced in sweetness with a hint of floral notes. The wild berries and floral notes in the honey is what makes it irresistible.

For The Perfectionist

If you have a perfectionist in your life and are looking for a gift that would please them and help them make a perfect cup of tea every time, then look no further! Check out the Perfect Tea Spoon that is crafted to hold just the right amount of tea leaves that will help them brew the perfect cup of tea, every single time. This tiny brewing tool is a must-have for all tea lovers. It helps in measuring just the right amount of tea you need to brew a perfect cup of goodness. Make your tea time more delightful by measuring the correct amount of tea with this stainless steel spoon.

Plus, you can also check out our gifting section for options such as a gift card and A Tea Ceremony Kit for easy, breezy gifting options that will be delivered with ease at your or their doorstep! Sublime is now helping deliver smiles and joy this festive season. So, go on and shop on our website today!