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The most important ingredient for a perfect cup of tea is the tea leaves. If the leaves you add are far too less, the tea is not going to be strong enough, and if you add a tad bit too many, the tea is going to turn bitter. So, how do you measure the right amount of tea that needs to go into the brew? Sublime brings to you, the ideal size of a teaspoon with their latest tea ware - the Perfect Tea Spoon.

The Perfect Tea Spoon is created just for you, so that you can measure the right amount of ingredients, for making the perfect cup of tea with loose leaves. Made with high-quality stainless steel, this lightweight portable teaspoon is also rust proof. Its small size and lightweight makes it easily portable, and can accompany you when you travel, so that you can get your tea, just the way you like it! With a length of 15 cms, a diameter of 3.5 cms, and a depth of 2.5 cms, this is a perfect spoon to add tea leaves for a cup of tea that suits your sensibilities. This teaspoon is an ideal addition to your kitchen or office pantry.

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