Books you would love to read in your Me-time tea-time!

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Books you would love to read in your Me-time tea-time!

Jun 27, 2022

Sublime House of Tea

Books you would love to read in your Me-time tea-time! - Sublime House of Tea

Just picture this! A breezy, cloudy evening, perfect to enjoy some me-time while admiring nature. How would you like it if you were to add a huge cup of tea, freshly brewed to your liking? What if you could also find some time to complete a book from your long-overdue list of to-be-read books?

There are very few absolute pleasures that can match the simplicity of enjoying nature’s miracles along with a fresh-brewed cup of tea while relishing an interesting book – All at the same time! Especially if you pride yourself on being an avid reader.

We have has curated some interesting reads, of approximately 200 pages that can be completed in one sitting, while you enjoy your favourite cup of tea!

Breakfast at the Tiffany’s – by Truman Capote (176 Pages)

This 1958 novella is the tale of a writer from New York and his connection to his unconventional neighbour Holly Golightly. Set on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in the closing years of World War II, the narrator hopes to find success authoring short stories, when he encounters Holly, who he is enchanted by immediately. What happens for the next year, after the narrator meets Holly, read and find out.

Appreciate the story with a warm cup of tea, which tastes of nostalgia and slow brewing romance. Brew a warm cup of a unique blend of Rose petals and Black Tea Leaves – Rose in Bloom, available online at the Sublime House of Tea.

Coco Chanel: The Illustrated World of Fashion Icon - by Megan Hess (208 Pages)

Arguably the most iconic fashion influencer of her time, Coco Chanel has influenced women beyond fashion. In the following book, Megan Hess brilliantly captures the essence of what haute couture is, in her illustrations of the 100 most quintessential moments through Chanel’s history. From Coco’s incredible personal life to the impact of Karl Lagerfeld on the company and the incredible items that have become iconic of the brand this biography encompasses every aspect of the icon herself.

Appreciate the illustrated biography on a relaxed weekend morning, with the English Breakfast Tea blend curated at Sublime House of Tea.

Navigate Your Stars - by Jesmyn Ward (64 Pages)

An uplifting, illustrated reflection on different aspects of life, New York Times bestselling – Navigating Your Stars is the work of two-time National Book Award winner Jesmyn Ward. The book is actually an essay of the speech she delivered on the value of hard work and the importance of respect for oneself and others. Ward’s words in this essay continue to have a gripping impact on parents and students alike.

A gripping read, the book is just the right the push you have been looking for, and it must be enjoyed with an equally strong tea. Go with a strong cup of Cleansing Ginger blend from the new collection at the Sublime House of Tea.

The Little Prince – by Antoine De Saint-Exupery (144 Pages)

Popular under the children’s section The Little Prince makes for a good read even for the adults. The book reminds us what it felt like to be a child. In the middle of the Sahara Desert, as a pilot’s plane crashes down, he meets a young boy with golden hair and a loveable laugh who claims to have fallen to Earth. This is just the start of an amazing adventure about love, loss, loneliness, and friendship. A story transcending beyond age surly resonates with you every time you read it.

Brew yourself a cup of freshness with the Flower Fete - Signature Blend from Sublime House of Tea, as you relive the innocence of your childhood, with The Little Prince.

Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life – by Hector Puigcerver (208 Pages)

This Japanese book became a fast international bestseller, and has made its way to every librabry collection. Ikigai loosely translates to – A Reason To Live. Finding your Ikigai is closely linked to living longer, and this insightful read will help you navigate through and find your Ikigai. If you still haven’t explored the book yet, it is a must read recommendation by many international celebrities as well.

Ikigai is a light read and an innate quality to it that you cannot ignore. Reading it for the first time or the tenth, Ikigai must be enjoyed when are seeking relaxation. Pore yourself a cup of Pure Chamomile Tea, at Sublime House of Tea, to enjoy the read.

We Should All Be Feminists - by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (64 pages)

Less a novella, and more an essay, We Should All Be Feminist challenges the stereotypical notions of feminism – where ‘Feminist’ was considered to be an angry and bitter. Adichie’s speech discusses the injustice of societal expectations for women, and sheds light on the true essence of Feminism.A quick read, Adichie’s essay is a quiet reminder of the true essence of equality.

Tastefully written, this book must be enjoyed with a cup of freshly brewed Blissful Blue, an equally tasteful signature blend from Sublime House of Tea.

Convenience Store Woman - by Sayaka Murata (176 Pages)

Originally written in Japanese, Convenience Store Woman is a heartwarming story of a thirty-six-year-old Tokyo resident Keiko Furukura, who has never really fit in. When she turns eighteen she begins working at the Hiiromachi branch of “Smile Mart,” where she finds peace and purpose. In the store, unlike anywhere else, she understands the rules of social interaction and does her best to play the part of a “normal” person. Convenience Store Woman is an ironic take on the contemporary work culture and the pressures to conform to society.

What better way to immerse yourself in the oh-so-‘normal’ life of Keiko Furukura than to enjoy it with a big cup full of authentic Matcha blend from Sublime House of Tea.

The Accessory Handbook: A Costume Designer's Secrets for Buying, Wearing and Caring for Accessories - by Alison Freer (192 Pages)

A practical guide on how to pick, style, and care for, any accessory that you own, The Accessory Handbook, is the work of Costume Designer Alison Freer, who with this book has made high street fashion more classy and elegant. Emphasising that style must be fun, personal, and functional, Freer empowers you to pull off anything with elegance, humour, and wit. In this book, Freer breaks down every type of accessory and how to flaunt it with flair.

As you sift through this ultimate accessory guide, sip a hot warm cup of freshly brewed Green Tea Mongra, a special blend from the Sublime House of Tea that will instantly refresh your mood.

Be Your Own Sunshine - by James Allen (160 Pages)

Knowing thyself, and taming thy mind is not an easy task. It takes immense dedication and concentration on your part to be able to achieve it. With this short collection of 4 works, Be Your Own Sunshine, James Allen shows us that the human mind has immense potential within, and can either be intelligently cultivated or left to run wild. It is a great read, which you will keep coming back to.

A refreshing book such as this must be read with a tea that refreshes your body. What better blend then, than the Rejuvenating Mint from the Sublime House of Tea then can add the flavour to your read?

Dior by Dior - by Christian Dior (208 Pages)

A modest autobiography of Christian Dior, Dior by Dior gives you a glimpse behind the curtains. A delightful narrative that sheds light on the workings of a great fashion house, while also revealing the private man behind the high-profile establishment, this book is everything Dior, and then some more. A rare and descriptive picture of the haute couture in the 1950s Paris, this autobiography offers a glimpse of Dior’s childhood in Granville, his family, friends, his ups and downs and also his sources of inspiration and creative processes.

Treat yourself to a hot cup of Moroccan Mint tea from Sublime House of Tea as you relive the era of Dior through his lens.