7 Mood-enhancing Healthy Teas good for a calming routine

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7 Mood-enhancing Healthy Teas good for a calming routine

May 20, 2023

Sublime House of Tea

7 Mood-enhancing Healthy Teas good for a calming routine - Sublime House of Tea


Tea enthusiasts and connoisseurs swear by the power of a great cup of well-brewed tea. And indeed, sometimes, all one craves, is a good cup of tea, especially after a particularly difficult, exhausting, tiring, long day.

The healing effects of Tea are believed to have been discovered accidentally, almost 5000 years ago by Lord Shen Nong from China, and ever since the Chinese have been reaping its multiple benefits and experimenting with the camellia sinesis plant to get different flavours and different benefits from the leaves of the tea plant.

In over 5000 odd years, innumerable blends of tea have been created and consumed across the globe including India. Today, tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world.

Loose-leaf teas have been brewed to perfection, which allows you to calm down and relieves your stress, also gives you a boost of energy.

This World Tea Day, Sublime shares with you, 7 loose leaf tea blends that are not only calming but are considered great mood-enhancing and healthy tea blends that you shouldn’t miss out on trying, especially if you are dealing with stress, anxiety, insomnia, or any other stress-related concerns.

1.Chamomile Tea (Sublime’s Pure Chamomile)


Pure Chamomile Tea


To start with, the healing effects of Chamomile tea are known to every tea lover. Chamomile is a floral brew that is extremely soothing and has an instant calming effect on you. Even studies have shown that Chamomile tea acts as a catalyst to put your mind to sleep. A zero-caffeine herbal tea blend made using dried chamomile flowers, this tea is known to help maintain your blood pressure levels increase immunity, and regulate body temperature. All these factors are crucial when you are dealing with insomnia. The calming effect that Chamomile Tea has on you, acts as a catalyst and helps you sleep peacefully and wake up rejuvenated in the mornings.

Get Sublime’s Pure Chamomile Tea from our online stores, and get it delivered to your doorstep.

2.Peppermint Tea (Sublime’s Rejuvenating Mint)


Rejuvenating Mint Tea


Mint is an extremely refreshing herb, and wakes you up instantly, even when chewed on raw. Adding it to a fresh brew of black tea, makes it rejuvenating and refreshing like the first splash of water in the morning. Peppermint is known for its many medicinal properties and has been used in alternative medicines as concocted potions across other parts of the world. The robust flavourful and aromatic mint tea helps relieve stress, relieve headaches, clear a blocked sinus, soothe an upset stomach, and improve immunity.

Sublime has curated a special rejuvenating tea - a blend of peppermint and loose tea leaves that is like a warm hug in a cup.

3.Lavender Tea

Lavender extracts are among the most well-known flower used in aroma therapy. It is known to have an immediate calming effect and enhances your sleep cycle. Studies have shown the soothing effect lavender extracts can have on a person. Brewing dried lavender flowers with loose tea leaves only serves to enhance the beneficial effects of lavender. Other than helping to regulate women’s menstrual cycles, lavender tea is also known to improve your skin health, uplift your mood and help enhance your sleep quality. Brew yourself some lavender tea for an amazing and relaxed evening.

4.Rose Tea (Sublime’s Rose in Bloom)


Rose in Bloom


Rose is the queen of flowers and is consumed the world over, in different forms. Adding a few petals of dried rose to your black loose-leaf tea, not only enhances the colour and mellows the robust flavours, but is also helpful in enhancing digestion and good for your gut health. Rich in antioxidants, Rose tea helps fight free radicals in the body improves immunity, and reduces inflammation. The heavenly flavours and the mesmerizing colour of the Rose Tea is also instrumental in calming your nerves and fighting anxiety.

Sublime’s Rose In Bloom is a must-try brew to defeat your anxiety.

5.Lemon Balm Tea

A member of the Mint family, Lemon balm leaves are also known for their strong flavours and multiple benefits. Lemon Balm leaves have been used to brew potions and concoctions that have been instrumental in calming down warriors since the middle ages. It is an ancient herb that is steeped with other herbs such as valerian, and chamomile to ease distress and pain. Fresh brewed Lemon Balm Tea relaxes muscle tension, enhances sleep quality, uplifts mood and releases stress. Adding lemon Balm Tea to your daily diet can reduce anxiety considerably.

6.Green Tea (Sublime’s Green Tea Hyson)


Green Tea Hyson


Loaded with antioxidants, Green Tea is among the most well-known healthy and beneficial teas. After accidentally discovering teas, the Chinese have been obsessed with the multiple health benefits of green tea. Asian Green Tea Hyson which is harvested in the spring season, is among the most popular Green Teas. Low on caffeine and full of antioxidants, the naturally sweet Green Tea Hyson helps increase metabolism and calm menstrual cramps among other health benefits. Sublime brings to you the freshest harvest of the uniquely curled leaves of the Green Tea Hyson that unfurl themselves giving you the perfect concentration of authentic green tea.

7.Floral Tea (Sublime’s Flower Fete)


Flower Fete Tea


The healing benefits of floral teas have been extremely popular in Eastern countries that have been reaping the multiple benefits of floral teas for thousands of years. A cup of freshly brewed floral herbal tea is not only a refreshing beverage, but is also a part of Ayurvedic medicinal brews. Rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants,the aromatic floral teas are stress-relieving, and immunity boosting teas. Sublime brings to you the finest blend of spring flowers in the Signature Blend - Flower Fete Tea. Reap the benefits of Hibiscus, Roses, and Lemongrass in every cup of Sublime’s Flower Fete Tea.