5 Tea Blends That Will Help You Find Your Calm During The Storm

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5 Tea Blends That Will Help You Find Your Calm During The Storm

May 12, 2021

Sublime House of Tea

5 Tea Blends That Will Help You Find Your Calm During The Storm - Sublime House of Tea

Times are uncertain and ever changing. With work and other events around us, stress and anxiety could get to us. While we all are trying to find our calm during the storm, nature has its own healing methods. One of the natural remedies that would help build one’s mental health and help cope with stress is tea. For centuries together, tea has been consumed as a potion not just physical health but also to enhance one’s mood and help with regulating one’s mental health. As May is the month for mental health awareness, we bring to you, our round of five tea blends that are known to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, in turn, enhancing one’s mental health.

Green Tea

Green Tea, one of the most popular teas out there, has many benefits apart from aiding digestion and weight loss. Filled with amino acid known as l-theanine that is found naturally in green tea, it helps in promoting relaxation and treating a number of mental health problems. This amino acid also helps in slowing down the absorption of caffeine and induces a natural calming effect. Research and studies have shown that l-theanine also helps in reducing anti-anxiety effects on the nervous system. The polyphenol in green tea helps in combating the effects of anxiety and stress. Green Tea also contains a flavonoid called epicatechin, that helps to protect our brain from oxidative damage and helps to combat the negative effects that stress has on your body and can also be helpful for improving memory. Though green tea contains a lot of caffeine, it’s adaptogenic in nature such that it keeps you alert yet calm enough without making you feel drowsy.

Chamomile Tea

The queen of calming herbal teas, Chamomile Tea is a constant pick among all the tea lovers and connoisseurs out there when it comes to combating mental health issues. It is that one tea that pops up as a home remedy to deal with stress and anxiety and they are not wrong. Chamomile tea contains antioxidants which triggers the function of neurotransmitters and brain cells which induces relaxation and calmness. Tea made with chamomile flowers is soothing, calming and a great tea to drink before bed as it induces sleep naturally. This tea helps in naturally increasing serotonin and melatonin levels in your body, which helps  one feeling relaxed without feeling drowsy. Plus, it is said to help relieve tension by soothing muscle aches and headaches often associated with stress and anxiety. Brew up a nice cup of chamomile tea and sip it through the day to deal with everyday stress & drink it at night to sleep peacefully. As it is a herbal tea, this caffeine-free blend will not spike up your anxiety levels and can be sipped on at any time of day.

Mint Tea

Mint not just smells great and freshens one’s breath but also can be used to fight a lot of health issues. It is also highly effective to combat issues relating to mental health too. Mint tea is the number one choice when it comes to stress management and treating depression as it contains high menthol levels. Menthol not just relaxes your body but also your mind. It is a great tea to sip through the day to combat stress in a healthy way and perfect for night time as it relaxes you and lets you enjoy a good night’s sleep. Mint also helps with treating gut related issues as it is rich in enzymes that strengthen the immune system. It also helps in relieving one from constant headaches and even migraine attacks induced due to stress, anxiety and depression. You can choose from rejuvenating mint tea to moroccan mint tea and add it to your kitchen pantry for relatively stress free days.

Rose Tea

As beautiful as a rose looks and as mesmerising as it smells, Rose has many health benefits that one can enjoy. Rose, for centuries, has been used in aromatherapy to help one relax and be stress free. Rose Tea, a beautiful blend of rose petals with tea leaves, has gained popularity worldwide not just for it’s taste and smell but also for it’s herbal properties. Rose contains anti-inflammatory properties and has been effective in helping improve one’s mood and help one sleep better. It is filled with antioxidants that enhance our overall health both mental and physically. Regular consumption of rose tea helps in reducing stress, relaxing oneself and enhancing one’s immunity too. Drinking a cup of rose tea will elevate your mood and help you relax.


Matcha, the gift from Japan, has captured the interest of many and is an ever trending tea blend. Matcha is now widely used as a blend and also in chocolates. It has immense health benefits. Almost all teas derived from the camellia sinensis plant contain some amount of L-theanine, an amino acid that promotes relaxation and aids in relieving stress. But matcha, in particular, has higher levels of L-theanine than other teas, which is a result of the shaded growth period the tea undergoes before harvest. The combination of caffeine and L-theanine in matcha, creates a calm, meditative state that helps in relaxing and also helps in dealing with anxiety and stress related symptoms. Add matcha to your daily routine and fight stress the healthy way.