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A tropical indulgence, where each sip is a harmonious blend of flavours and aromas. Limited Edition: Summer Symphony Collection enables each sip to be a harmonious blend of flavour and aromas. While with Mellow Mango Tea, one wakes up with a morning sip of the tropical sweetness of ripe mangoes, offering a delightful escape to sunny shores, with Raspberry Delight Tea, composing a symphony of fruity delight that rejuvenates the senses and lifts the mood after a long day. A sip of the Soothing Strawberry Tea immersed in juicy strawberries mingles with fragrant tea, providing a comforting embrace and a burst of summer sweetness, perfect to lull you into blissful slumber.

Box Contains:

Mellow Mango Tea - 25g

Raspberry Delight Tea - 25g

Soothing Strawberry Tea - 25g

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