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Present your loved ones with opulence and well-being with Sublime House of Tea’s best Luxury Gift Box, an impeccable choice for any occasion. This meticulously curated box offers an array of freshness, premium taste, and holistic wellness.

Immerse yourself in the richness of an exquisite range of tea blends, honey, spices and dry fruits. It is a box of wholesome nourishment wrapped in sophisticated taste and elegance. From the revitalizing Revive & Refresh Tea delight of crunchy goodness of Salted Almonds, every aspect of the Luxury Gift Box is a culinary adventure waiting to be unfurled.

One of Sublime’s best luxury gift baskets, with Luxury Gift Box, elevate gifting to new heights be it for family occasions or corporate gifting, by capturing the essence of well-being in one extraordinary package.

Box Contains:

Revive & Refresh Tea - 100g

Cleansing Ginger Tea - 100g

Regional Raw Honey - 225g

Salted Almonds - 50g

Honey Almonds - 50g

Clove - 50g

Cinnamon - 50g

Pincer Tea Infuser - 1pc

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