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Are you in it only for the Honey? Well then, it is our priority to deliver to you the finest quality Honey! Indigenously sourced in small batches, each of these artisanal honey at Sublime, is curated for you, sourced directly from bee farms across India. The therapeutic process of Honey extraction ensures that the extracted Honey retains all its medicinal values, antioxidants, and the superior quality taste intact. A great gifting option for the one with a sweet tooth, the Hive to Home Collection at Sublime comes with a wooden honey dipper made of treated, non-reactive, food-grade wood.

Packed and sealed in a reusable glass jar, this bottle of honey, is collected naturally, with no added sweeteners or preservatives, and can be stored in a cool and dry place for up to 18 months.

Box Contains:

Regional Raw Honey 50g
Microfiltered Raw Honey 50g
Mountain Honey 50g
Rosewood Honey 50g
Berry Honey 50g
Multi-floral Honey 50g
One wooden honey dipper made of treated, non-reactive food grade wood

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