Warm or chilled, these Tea Blends can be enjoyed alike all the same

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Warm or chilled, these Tea Blends can be enjoyed alike all the same

Mar 18, 2023

Sublime House of Tea

Warm or chilled, these Tea Blends can be enjoyed alike all the same - Sublime House of Tea


If the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Tea’ is peace, calm, and friendship or creates a happy image, then you probably already know this, but you are a true connoisseur of tea. You love your tea in any form. Tea is one of the beverages that was used as a medicine for the longest time in Central Asia. It has been in use since 2700 BCE. And since the 3rd Century tea has been part of your daily life. Thanks to tea lovers like you, even after centuries since tea was concocted for the first time, it still remains one of the most consumed beverages worldwide.

Hot Tea, Iced Tea, Black Tea, Milk Tea, Green Tea, White Tea, Floral Tea, Fruit Tea, Herbal Tea, or Bubble Tea, tea is for everyone. Even desserts and Ice-creams of tea flavours are available for tea lovers like you. Tea is so widely consumed and loved that it has now been also used as a base ingredient in many cocktails and mocktails. The increasing demand for these mocktail tea blends is increasing each day, and to cater to this exclusive demand, luxury tea brands are making their own blends that taste just as good when cold, as they taste when hot.

Sublime has curated a set of unique tea blends that you can enjoy brewed hot on a cool breezy morning, or blended well with different mocktails to beat the summer heat.

Sublime’s Rejuvenating Mint Tea

Mint is the most refreshing herb used extensively in your kitchen. Apart from having magical medicinal properties, mint is an excellent mouth freshener as well. A hot cup of mint tea is a great start to a cold morning. It is said to help relieve headaches, clear a blocked sinus, soothe an upset stomach, and improve your immunity. With peppermint added to your black tea leaves, the robust flavours and aroma of Sublime’s Rejuvenating Mint Tea are just as great when enjoyed chilled, with ice, fresh mint leaves and a slice of lime. Rich in anti-oxidants, Sublime’s Rejuvenating Mint Tea, also aids in staying hydrated for a longer time, preventing summer sickness, especially when enjoyed chilled.

Sublime’s Pure Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is the best-known tea said to have calming and relaxing effect on you. Due to its multiple benefits, Chamomile was used extensively by the ancient Romans and Egyptians, for its many health benefits. The tea is also said to help reduce inflammation and maintain blood sugar levels, something that is a must in dealing with the summer heat. Whether consumed hot, or cold, chamomile is said to have healing effects on your anxiety, depression and insomnia. The anti-oxidants in the Chamomile Tea boost immunity and enhance your body’s natural mechanism. Enjoy Pure Chamomile Tea by Sublime, for overall health benefits.

Sublime Flower Fete Tea

Best quality locally-grown Hibiscus, Roses, and Lemongrass are combined in the perfect proportion, to get the unique flavours of Sublime’s signature blend – the Flower Fete Tea. When brewed to perfection, it creates the finest cup of tea, serving you a distinctive spring freshness in each sip. Whether you like your tea warm or chilled, you can enjoy this exceptional flowery loose-leaf blend guilt-free. Just like that, a concoction of fresh spring flowers brewed to perfection comes as a boon to beat the summer temperatures and calm your nerves. Enjoy the flowery flavours as freshly brewed warm cup of tea, and chilled in your mocktails.

Sublime’s Green Tea Mongra

Harvested from the tea estates of the Nilgiris, Green Tea Mongra is naturally low on caffeine, hence is a naturally healthy alternative to caffeinated beverages. Usually enjoyed hot, after a meal or in the evenings, Green Tea Mongra is also used as a palate cleanser by food connoisseurs. Green Tea is a caffeine-free drink with almost negligible calories and can be enjoyed chilled as well, with ice and a dash of lemon. With a higher concentration of catechins, Green Tea Mongra by Sublime also aids in increasing metabolism. It is also known to help balance the hormonal imbalance and aid in relieving pre-menstrual cramps. Sip on the Green Tea Mongra by Sublime and beat the summer heat.

Sublime’s Signature Blend - Blissful Blue

Sublime brings you freshness brewed in a cup and puts together a unique mix of mint, lemon, and blue pea flower tea in their Signature blend – Blissful Blue. A sip of this Blissful Blue Tea isn’t just refreshing, but also exceptionally healing. A single cup of this tea can proliferate calmness around you. Sip down the chilled variety to avoid heat stroke, or getting dehydrated. A slice of lime added to the tea makes it even more healthy and tasty. Blissful Blue makes for an amazing base for a colourful mocktail.

With the increasing demand for varied healthy tea blends, tea being used in your mocktails is commonplace, and the demand for tea-based mocktails and cocktails has been on a rise. So much so, tea Mixology has become a specialized branch of mixology. Create your own mocktail by combining these base ingredients with complementary flavours, or drink them as ice teas, the choice is yours.