Valentine or Galentine, here are the list of gifts to give this season

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Valentine or Galentine, here are the list of gifts to give this season!

Feb 13, 2023

Sublime House of Tea

Valentine or Galentine, here are the list of gifts to give this season! - Sublime House of Tea

Everyone needs that one person in their life, who is considered their platonic soulmate, the one person with whom they can share even their darkest side, without the fear of being judged. Someone who knows you so well, even you cannot comprehend how… They don’t just complete your words or understand your sign language, they also can read your mind, and give words to things even you are unable to. This special person in your life could be anyone, your sister, brother, mother, mentor, cousin, childhood bestie, hostel roomie, or even at times, your office sidekick. That special friend in your life deserves to know how much they mean to you. They have a very special place in our hearts, and sometimes, expressing love towards them in traditional ways might feel a little off-beat.

Valentine’s may be a day dedicated to celebrating your romantic partner, but what is so bad in celebrating it with your platonic partner?! Why not share a token of love with this special person in your life as a quick reminder of their importance in your life, and make their Valentine’s extra special?!

Sublime shares 10 unique gifts you can share with your loved ones, as a token of your affection towards your loved ones, this Valentine’s Day.

  1. Special Handmade Gift with a Handwritten Note

There are some gifts that are inexpensive, while some of them are really expensive. But whatever the face value, it is always the thought behind the gift that counts more. And nothing says ‘I care for you’ more than a special handwritten note, or a handmade personalized gift. Especially in today’s times, when online messages have taken over letters, a handwritten message has more value than ever. Let your ‘partner-in-crime’ know how you feel about them with a personalised note. It will help them know that they are loved, and cared for, you never know, they might need it.

  1. Polariod Instafilm Camera

Yes, it is true that when you create memories with your loved ones, you almost always forget to capture those truly special moments on camera, but some memories are so special that they should be framed well. Such memories deserve more than a phone camera, they should be captured in a camera and printed immediately to be framed. And the best camera to capture these memories is a Polaroid Instafilm Camera. It is also a perfect gift for the social butterfly who simply loves and enjoys capturing moments.

  1. A star named after your friend

Now, this might seem like a gift for someone extremely special, and not everyone you know may be as special as to receive this gift from you. But, we are not talking about a gift to every acquaintance of yours, this is a special gift to the one person whom you consider to be more than your family. Someone, whom you consider to be your soul sister. Someone who has always been there for you, and will even help you bury a body if need be. That special person deserves a gift as unique and rare as they. What’s more?! The price to name a star after a person is not that heavy on your pocket as well.

  1. A personalized art piece

A sketch or a caricature art of the person, which can be placed on their bedside table, or a portrait to be hung on the wall is always a heartwarming gift you could give someone to showcase your affections. The sketch could also be of a special memory for the two of you, or a unique comic strip of a special memory that the two of you share. Even private jokes can also be immortalized into physical memory by personalizing them into a special art piece. You could also dedicate a special couplet or even a sonnet to the special bond between the two of you.

  1. Healthy ‘Hive-to-Home’ honey collection

A health-conscious friend with a sweet tooth deserves a friend to take care of their sweet cravings every once in a while. What can be healthier than the most natural sweetener available in nature? Pure raw honey sourced from the hive directly, by the beekeepers is the best source of unadulterated viscous honey. Sublime brings you the finest harvest of pure honey, directly from the source. The multiple flavours of honey available at Sublime are sourced from different parts of the country, all packed for you in one unique collection of flavourful honey. Get your ‘Hive to Home’ collection today, to beat the cravings of your loved ones the healthy way.

  1. Matching pair or one half of a complete set

Agreed that it might sound a little too cliché a gift between friends. However, this gift acts as a physical reminder of the exceptional bond between the two of you. It is a special souvenir for the sacred bond you share. This souvenir can be absolutely anything, from matching bracelets, earrings, and twinning with your attire, to even having matching tattoos, or tattoos that complete each other. These remain as a reminder of the child within you, which you should never let go of. After all, the sweetest memories of your childhood are a core memory for you.

  1. Long Distance Friendship Lamps

There cannot be something more heartwarming, than receiving a message from your loved one, saying they are thinking of you. These long-distance friendship lamps make it possible for you to let a loved one sit in a completely different part of the city, country or the other end of the world, and know that you are thinking of them. All you need is a pair of these lamps, one with each of you, which can be connected to the wifi. And every time one of you touches the lamp, the other one also lights up, letting you know that the other person is thinking of you, automatically bringing a smile onto your face! It also doubles down as a nice décor piece for your interiors.

  1. Bath bomb gift set with scented candles

While we might wish to always be there for our friends, through their good and bad days, it is not always possible to be around all the time. The bath bomb set accompanied with the scented candles is the perfect gift, they could use it on a day they crave pampering, but you aren’t around to pamper them physically. It is a great self-care kit that everyone deserves to indulge themselves in every once in a while. Gifting a set of twelve bath bombs and twelve scented candles to your special friend will be a gentle reminder for them to take care of themselves, as much as they take care of everyone around.

  1. A Getaway without your romantic partners

When was the last time you took time out, especially for your friends? When it comes to male friendships, we all talk about bromance, but when it comes to female bonds, there is not much said about it, because it can never be described in words. It is an emotion that can only be felt. You need to make time for that special friend, every once in a while so that you don’t lose out on the bond. Ditch all your romantic partners for a weekend and plan a trip only with your friends. You will be able to enjoy the company, while your partner will also get a break. It is time that you take a break from everything else and just spend some time together, reminiscing amazing times together and creating more memories. Pack your bags and plan a trip with your friends.

  1. The perfect loose-leaf tea blend with Teacup

What accompanies the gossip session between friends the best? Well, it is a cup of your favourite tea and some munchies. Then why not bring home a healthy blend of the finest loose leaf tea flavours? A healthiest loose leaf tea blend can make a perfect gift for the tea connoisseur friend. With multiple gifting options at Sublime, you can also opt for the loose leaf tea blend for your special friend, and pair it with a large tea cup to complete the set.

Make this Valentine’s memorable by spreading love among everyone around you.