Dates, their varieties, and their benefits

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Dates, their varieties, and their benefits

May 20, 2022

Sublime House of Tea

Dates, their varieties, and their benefits - Sublime House of Tea

They say that if you want to taste the sweetest fruit, you will have to wait patiently, as anything sweet and nice can only come with patience. Isn’t it so true though? You have to wait for an entire year, and bear the scorching summer heat if you want to relish the taste of the seasonal mangoes.

But some trees have to go through 70 summers in the desserts of the Mediterranean to be able to produce the first batch of the sweetest, freshest fruits just for you. The fruits that take so long to grow, are a reward for your patience and are some of the healthiest fruits you could come across. They are so good, that you can relish them even when dried. We are talking about the sweet, and plump Palm Dates - a fruit that has more than 600 varieties available across. Grown mostly in the deserts, Dates are a fruit that the palm trees bear, and for that, it weathers extreme conditions so you could appreciate the yummiest harvests.

A staple in the areas where it is widely grown, dates are chewy and fibrous with a candy-like taste. Dates are often also referred to as the ‘cake of the poor’ or the ‘bread of the desert’ and are said to be the oldest known cultivated fruit. There is fossil evidence that indicates the Dates were available even 50 million years ago. But this is just where the Dates start to get fascinating. The Date fruit has a lot of historical and cultural references and is lso referred to as the ‘Holy Date’.

Dates have always been native to the deserts of North Africa and the Middle East. Somewhere down the line, settlers from South-Western America found weather suitable to cultivate Dates and collected saplings to cultivate Dates in their region. Today, Coachella Valley and Bard Valley together have over 7,500 acres of land where these tasty variants of Dates are cultivated. Consumed raw, dried, or in liquid form, 8.5 million metric tonnes of Dates are harvested every year, mostly from the Middle East and North Africa.

There is also an interesting story for the scientific name of the Palm trees that produce Date fruits. The tree grows as long as up to 70 feet and is scientifically called the phoenix dactylifera. This name is derived from a fascinating story in the Greek Mythology according to which, the immortal Phoenix bird built its nest atop the tree. Every time a phoenix caught fire, a date tree that housed the bird would go up in flames too, and as the bird came back to life, so would the tree come back to life. And thus the fascinating name phoenix dactylifera. How curious, isn’t it?

Dates have been a primary source of nutrition for the people of the Middle East and North Africa, and there is a belief that the homes that store and eat dates will never go hungry, or lack any nutrition. Filled with nutritious values, the Date fruit is a superfood packaged with taste and health. Every variety of date has its unique benefits, and here, you will find four of the tastiest and most well-known varieties that you should know when shopping for Dates next.

Ajwa Dates:

One of the most well-known variants of Dates, the Ajwa Dates is found exclusively in Medina, Saudi Arabia. Ranging from a dark brown to almost black colour, these dry Dates are fruity, soft, chewy and have a prune-like taste. These dates hold a religious significance as well and have a long list of health benefits. From helping in regulating your blood pressure to maintaining your cardiovascular health and treating infertility, Ajwa dates take care of most of your ailments. Loaded with fibres, minerals, and vitamins they are said to also help cure indigestion and help lose weight among others. To reap the benefits of this magical dry fruit and enhance your immunity, you must consume at least one date every day. To that effect, Sublime brings to your doorstep, some of the finest, authentic quality, and fresh harvest of Ajwa Dates that you can appreciate every day! 

Medjool Dates:

Dark Brown, oval and textured, Medjool is one of the most popular, and one of the more sweet varieties of dates available. Naturally dried, the sweet concentration is enhanced and enjoyed as a naturally found alternative for white sugar. Medjool is native to Morocco and is harvested early on in the ripening season. Widely available across the globe, Medjool is also known as the King of Dates. High on calories, and rich in potassium and iron Medjool Dates are a quick source of energy and are good mood boosters. Once a lesser-known variant, today, Medjool Dates are widely produced across the globe, the demand for which keeps increasing steadily every year. You should have a handful of Medjool Dates if you want to improve your metabolism and regulate your hormones. Every package of Medjool Dates you pick at Sublime is packed with care, to bring to you, authentic quality product, vacuum-packed, to keep the flavours intact. How would you like to snack on some, today? 

Safawi Dates:

The oblong looking, semi-dried and chewy variety - Safawi Dates are a dark, almost black variant that tastes best when enjoyed with a glass of warm milk. Safawi Dates are grown in the Al-Madina region, in Saudi Arabia, and is rich in Vitamin C, Iron and minerals. Healthy and tasty, Safawi Dates, also referred to as Kalmi Dates are best for people who are anaemic, or people suffering from indigestion. Add these to your diet to have a healthy lifestyle. Safawi, though easily available, is always in high demand, and Sublime works to bring to you, the best pick of the harvest. Authentically sourced, the Dates are vacuum packed to retain the flavours. 

Sukkary Dates:

Make way, the Queen is here! Sukkari Dates are light coloured toffee-like dates that are one of the sweeter variants. Named so, because of its sweet flavours, Sukkari is at times referred to as the Royal Date. The light brown variety with a hint of Golden to it, these are considered a premium variant in the Arab countries. Sukkari Dates are smaller in size and are enjoyed as a evening snack that can provide you all the essential nutrients. The Carmel-like sweetness makes it an ideal sugar substitute and is preferred by chefs across cuisines. Sukkari helps retain skin moisture, regulate cholesterol, and maintain blood pressure. Looking to find a pack of authentic Sukkari Dates? Look no further than Sublime; we bring to you carefully vacuum-packed products so that you don’t have to worry about the authenticity of the products. Shop here.

Dates are some of the healthiest and tastiest superfoods that are more than just rich in nutrients. Used as a syrup or as whole fruit, Dates are used in many Desserts to add flavours. Add a handful of Dates to your daily diet and relish in its rich essence while also improving your health. And when it comes to choosing premium quality products, you are in the right place. To get the best quality products at your doorstep, shop online with Sublime House of Tea today!