6 comfort foods and tea flavours that accompany them!

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6 comfort foods and tea flavours that accompany them!

Oct 18, 2022

Sublime House of Tea

6 comfort foods and tea flavours that accompany them! - Sublime House of Tea

There have been chefs, sommeliers and food experts who have been working to enrich our sense of fine dining and have paired certain foods with certain wine flavours so that you and I can appreciate the fine pleasures of the culinary art! We all know the basic rules, where red wine is paired with spice-heavy and meaty dishes, while white wines go well with white wines and soft vegetarian flavours. We have been experimenting with newer flavours of wine and trying to pair them perfectly for an enriching meal for decades now, but there have been cultures that have been relishing their meals paired with tea making their meal healthier, more complete, and more satisfying.

Tea is a beverage that you can never go wrong with, and a cup of freshly brewed tea is sufficient to open a blocked mind, and can instantly change your mood. From enjoying your tea with cookies to pairing the right tea with a tasty meal, tea is a much healthier option. When you find the right flavour of tea to enhance the flavours of a fulfilling meal, there is no going back from that. But if you choose the wrong tea, it might ruin your meal, therefore, to make sure that you don’t ruin your meal experience with the wrong tea blends, we at Sublime have curated a list of some of the most loved comfort foods and the tea that goes best with them. You must give these combinations a try, for a refreshing change.

The Asian staple Dim Sum goes well with some classic Ginger Tea

Are you also a fan of the delicious, chewy, mouth-wateringly juicy, and warm bundle of steamed dumplings? There are multiple varieties of this dish and each of us has a particular favourite. A real favourite of both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, this Asian delicacy is usually paired with a hot sauce. If you wish to enhance the flavour, yet not overpower it, and are looking for a healthy combination, you should pair them with something like Ginger Tea. Add a few mint leaves along with it, for a soothing combination.

Try yummy Buffalo Chicken Wings with some Desi Masala Chai


Definitely a feast-worthy dish, the yummy juicy and crunchy Buffalo Chicken Wings are great to beat the cool weather outside! A great movie-time munchie, the spices in a well-cooked Buffalo wing is almost addictive, and leaves you wanting for more! But what if the flavours of this special dish can be enhanced and enjoyed even more than you have already been enjoying it?! Pair it well with a warm cup of Desi Masala Chai. This aromatic and rich tea brings out the hidden undertones and the tangy flavours of Buffalo Wings, - a perfect combination for a cosy evening.

Enhance Lebanese flavours with a hot cup of Mint Tea!


Picture this, you are enjoying a great spread of Pita bread, Hummus and Shawarma for a filling lunch, diving into dishes like lamb kebabs, falafel, and chopped herbal salads that you have been craving for a long time! The spicy heat of the Middle Eastern flavours can be complemented by something as soothing and refreshing as the cooling flavours of a well-brewed mint tea! The rich and refreshing sensitivity of mint, when combined with the robust flavours of Lebanese cuisine brings to you something that you will keep going back to, again and again!

Thin crust Pizza and some well brewed Green Tea


There is something irresistibly satisfying about the feeling you get when you sink in your teeth in the cheesy overload of a perfectly baked thin-crust pizza. Pairing your Pizza with a fizzy soft drink is not only unhealthy but also outdated! Today, with multiple options for health enthusiasts, Pizza is more than just comfort food! A pizza with lighter toppings goes amazingly well with a cup of smoky green tea. Yes, you heard that right! The cheesy flavours of Pizza blend well with the earthy flavours of a healthy cup of Green Tea, you will not regret this combination!

Start your day with fresh Crepes and healthy Matcha


To ensure a relaxed and amazing beginning to your day, you need to enjoy a healthy and filling breakfast! A generous serving of tempting and delicious homemade crepes or fluffy pancakes calls for the perfect autumn morning breakfast. Add to this, a full cup of a healthy green Matcha Tea and you are ready for a fresh start for the day! The distinctive flavour of the Matcha tea with a hint of bitter and sweet aftertaste is great to enhance the sweetness of your breakfast. The creamy texture of the Matcha makes the warm crepes even more comforting.

A good Hamburger gels well with the good old Black Tea


In the mood for a filling but not overly heavy meal? You can never go wrong with a bite of some juicy, sloppy burger to beat the chilly weather of autumn. The rich heavy meal paired with the classic black tea is an interestingly enhancing combination. The robust flavours of a well-brewed black tea enrich the richness of a filling roast meal. The next time you crave a hamburger and fries, pair it up with a hot cup of smoky black tea. The bold, oaky undertones of black tea is perfect for the meat dish.

Tea is an important beverage not just in the east but is also picking up quickly even in the west. An increase in the demand for healthy drinks has turned the focus on healthy tea blends. Its versatility ensures that more than just the tea-time, it enhances your mealtime experience as well. Buy the freshest batch of your favourite tea flavours and indigenous spices from our website.