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Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world, especially in the Eastern part of the world. Discovered over 200 years ago, the wild tea estates of Assam have been producing the most loved beverage ever since. One of the most well-known Black Tea varieties across the globe, Assam Tea is used in your morning English Breakfast Tea, and the evening High Tea. Robust, aromatic and all-encompassing, India’s finest Assam Tea leaves have been selected and packed to reach your doorstep, to deliver a strong, flavourful cup of freshly brewed tea. Revive your health, refresh your mood, reset your day and raise your energy levels with just one cup of the delightfully brewed tea. There is no other better start to the day. Fine black tea that captures the goodness of Assam, when consumed with a dash of milk is a game-changer.

Ingredients : Strong CTC Assam blend

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