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A unique fusion of flavours, Sublime’s Oolong Oxidized Tea is a harmonious blend of tradition and wellness. Positioned between green and black tea, oxidized oolong tea brings the best of both varieties, and is known to accelerate the weight loss process and is rich is antioxidants. A Chinese classic tea, now harvested in Indian farms, Oolong tea is celebrated as a refreshing elixir. It maintains healthy gut bacteria, boosts metabolism, prevents allergies and improves liver health.

Crafted from premium Oolong tea loose leaves, this blend is vacuum-packed and sealed in a beautiful tin caddy, that ensures freshness for up to 18 months. Without any added sweeteners or preservatives, this tea is perfect for any tea connoisseur seeking a dairy-free, vegan-friendly option. Order this herbal tea online today. 

Ingredients: Oolong Tea Leaves 

Benefits: Boosts metabolism and helps attain weight management goals 

Best time to drink: Afternoons to get the metabolism kickstarted

Name & Address of Packer: Sublime | Prestige Falcon Towers, 9th Floor, 19, Brunton Road, Bengaluru-560025

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