Retro Tea Timer

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Bring home the Retro Tea Timer and make a perfect cup of tea, always.

A perfectly brewed cup of tea is everyone's dream come true. This retro hourglass tea timer helps you keep the track of steeping time without worrying about over or under brewing of your tea. This traditional sand timer is authentic and reliable, which gives you the exact brewing time for any type of infusion or tea. You can now master the art of brewing a perfect cup of tea.

The Retro Tea Timer is made with a wooden frame and two small hour glasses to help you time your brew.

It consists of two hour glasses for three and five minutes respectively.

The timer helps in knowing the right time for brewing different types of tea and it also adds to the aesthetic view of your table.

It's great for different kinds of tea, and if you want your tea a bit weaker or a bit stronger. If you are unsure about your tea fusion time, use this as they are a nice addition to your teaware collection.

Apart from it's utility value, it also adds a nice aesthetic to your kitchen or living space.

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