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To understand simply, Mountain Honey is any honey that is collected naturally, above a minimum altitude of 800m above sea level. Fragrant and dominant flavours and distinctively dark colours are the signature attributes of Mountain Honey. The migratory bees of Apis mellifera are involved in the making of Mountain Honey. They reach high altitudes in search of the best flora. The honey produced here in the high-altitude mountain ranges is then extracted raw, which also contains rich pollen. Sublime strives to bring you the finest quality Mountain Honey straight from the source so your overall wellness is not compromised.

Packed and sealed in a reusable glass jar, this bottle of honey, is collected naturally, with no added sweeteners or preservatives, and can be stored in a cool and dry place for up to 18 months.

Benefits: Helps treat flu-like symptoms and seasonal allergens in addition to boosting immunity. Also, it regulates the digestive system and is a great source of pre-workout energy.

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