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A unique Signature Blend with finest spring flowers for a flavour-filled tea experience. A cup of freshly brewed flower fete herbal tea is a fine start to your day. Sublime brings to you the finest spring flowers blend in a unique Signature Blend of Flower Fete Tea. In this herbal tea, available online, you can reap the benefits of the best quality of the locally grown Hibiscus, Roses, and Lemongrass. Buy Sublime’s special Flower Fete Tea to wake to a cup of spring freshness everyday. Enjoy the flowery flavours hot, or chilled with a mocktail or cocktail.

Ingredients: Hibiscus, Lemongrass, Rose Petals 

Benefits: Low on caffeine with anti-inflammatory properties. Controls blood pressure and cholesterol and helps with liver disease. Alleviates menstrual pain and improves skin health. 

Best time to drink: In the morning, before breakfast

Name & Address of Packer: Sublime | Prestige Falcon Towers, 9th Floor, 19, Brunton Road, Bengaluru-560025

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