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Bees collect the nectar from the flowers of the Rosewood, (Sheesham trees), to produce Rosewood Sheesham Honey. The honey is extracted from the mountain ranges that are a natural habitat for the Sheesham trees. Honey extracted from the Sheesham trees is believed to help regulate your blood pressure, improve digestion and help reduce menstrual cramps. Sublime’s Rosewood Sheesham Honey is naturally sweet and filled with nutrients making it a healthy alternative for artificial sweeteners. Sublime delivers locally collected fresh batch of the finest Rosewood Sheesham Honey to your doorstep. Order now, and enjoy with hot pancakes or waffles.

Packed and sealed in a reusable glass jar, this bottle of honey, is collected naturally, with no added sweeteners or preservatives, and can be stored in a cool and dry place for up to 18 months.

Benefits: Helps regulate blood pressure, improves digestion, reduces menstrual cramps and detoxifies the body. This honey is also known to relieve throat irritation and boost immunity.

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