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Serving Jasmine tea is an age-old Chinese tradition to welcome guests. Sublime tries to revive this tradition with the fresh Royal Jasmine Black Tea blend. Exclusively curated to appeal to the preferences of tea connoisseurs, Sublime’s Royal Jasmine Black Tea is a royal brew of royal taste. This black tea blend available online helps you stay fit and have a flawless skin. Start your day with a cup of this Royal Jasmine Black Tea to boost your metabolism & stay alert all day.

Ingredients: Black Tea Leaves, Jasmine buds 

Benefits: Improves skin health, metabolism and aids in weight loss. Also boosts immunity 

Best time to drink: Any time of the day

Name & Address of Packer: Sublime | Prestige Falcon Towers, 9th Floor, 19, Brunton Road, Bengaluru-560025

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