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The taste of summer is just a brew away with Sublime’s Mellow Mango Tea. A blend of juicy mango chunks and top-quality black tea leaves, this tea captures the essence of succulent, ripe mangoes offering a refreshing beverage that fits any occasion perfectly! Packed with antioxidants and minerals, this brew is a treat for your tastebuds and a boost for your health. Enjoy it hot or cold, for a blissful escape to a tropical paradise.

Packaged in an attractive tin caddy, our Mellow Mango black tea ensures freshness for up to 18 months, without any added sweeteners or preservatives, which also makes it suitable for dairy-free and vegan lifestyles. 

Savor the sweet taste of summer with Sublime's Mellow Mango Tea – your perfect partner for a summer indulgence. 

Ingredients: Black Tea Leaves, Mango chunks 

Benefits: Skin health, weight loss, lowers blood pressure and balances blood sugar levels. 

Best time to drink: Morning.

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