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It is no secret that there are Tea lovers across the globe. Especially the Eastern countries just don’t seem to get over their Cup of Tea. Case in point, the much loved Moroccan Mint Tea. Mint is a natural refresher and cooling agent, with many healing properties. Add to it, the benefits of the fresh gunpowder tea, and you have some of the finest brew ready for grabs. Sublime brings to you the perfect blend of green tea and spearmint leaves, a soothing drink on a hot summer morning. Filled with essential minerals like Calcium, Copper, Fluoride, magnesium, and selenium, this green tea enhances your immunity, and releases stress. Enjoy a warm cup of this tea on an especially gloomy day!

Ingredients : Green Tea Leaves, Spearmint

Vacuum-packed and sealed in an attractive tin caddie, this pack of tea has no added sweeteners or preservatives and can be stored in a cool and dry place for up to 18 months. The pack is also dairy-free, and vegan-friendly.

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