• A fine Easter Affair with a Cuppa!

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    After 6 weeks of giving up on all things gluttonous for lent, the time to slam dunk into everything that’s chocolate and cake has arrived. But how about we change the tradition of stuffing yourself with the ‘hard to loose’ calories and instead

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  • The five magical benefits of White Tea

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    The popularity of White Tea is on the rise mainly due to its health benefit. It is a light tea with calming and relaxing properties. White tea is harvested and processed when the tea buds are still covered with thin white treads and the leaves are ye

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  • Make Green Tea a part of your daily regime for a healthy body

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    Green tea has become a popular sight in kitchen shelves of homes across the world. With its origin in China, green tea is now a popular name among tea lovers. It is a less processed tea made from un-oxidised leaves – one of the main reasons for the

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  • The magic of black tea: Top 5 benefits

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    Let’s admit it. India runs on tea. Most of us need our morning tea to wake up, feel fresh and for several unavoidable rituals that are a crucial part of our day. For others, it might not be a necessity, but just a tasteful cup of bliss first thing

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